AN OVERVIEW Timing : 8.30 am to 9.00 pm Hatta Mountain tour, the most famous Dubai attractions, provides a picturesque of Arabian Gulf on one side and exciting Dubai desert on the other. The trip takes to ancient Hatta village located in Hajar Mountains, the popular street market called Friday market, a place of world class carpets and home décor products, lush landscapes and chain of mountains. Also includes wadis, open waters, dry river beds flooded in winters and a chance to enjoy swimming and water rides in the valleys of Hajar mountains and trekking. Also, know more about our desert safari tour packages here.

Lunch optinal at extra cost

Hatta Mountain Safari

People go to Dubai to enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Gigantic buildings, luxurious hotels and exotic locations make the stay memorable. However, not only Dubai city but excursions also add a great value to it. There are many tour operators in the city who offer interesting and exciting tours to off-beat places. Hatta Mountain Safari is one of such tours where you enjoy practically each moment of it. You can find a variety of packages for the Hatta Mountain safari to select from. It depends on your personal liking and preference of activities. Negotiate on prices to grab a profitable deal.

The exciting expedition to Hatta

Tour operators arrange a 4-wheel drive vehicle of world-famous companies. The initial astonishment vanishes as you start a rollercoaster ride in a typical terrain. It is just impossible to move an inch further without the incredibly powerful vehicles. Enormous fraction of sand can be felt inside. Keep the seat belts fastened and look at the fountain of sand behind the vehicle while you continue the bumpy ride. It is crucial that you keep the seat belts tight and sit carefully. Those who have backache or neck problems must consult a physician before booking a ride.

The golden moments

You forget about the troublesome journey with the first glimpse of beautiful Hatta Mountain. The marvelous charm and picturesque surroundings make it a place worth visiting. You can stop in between to capture the eye-catching surroundings in the camera. You may find professional photographers at selected locations who can do it for you in a professional style by charging a little money. As soon as you reach there, tour operators take you to Hotel Hatta Fort. Enjoy a stupendous lunch before you start the expedition. Tasty Arabic and Continental dishes are served with warm hospitality. After lunch, you get a chance to know the history and culture of Bedouins, the ancient people of the desert. Heritage village has been established to make people aware of the rich past. The oldest mosque of Dubai is located at the Heritage Village. It is known as Sharia Mosque and you admire the architecture and sculpture of the building. The houses are old, but elegant underlining the old style of construction. You can find two watch –towers standing gracefully in the village. Enjoy thrilling sand-skiing, dune bashing, and dip into fresh water pool to get refreshed. Come back with profound memories of the great Hatta Mountain Safari!