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Dubai shopping Tour

There are primarily three objectives of Dubai tours, sightseeing, desert safari and shopping. It has been recognized as one of the premium shopping spots in the world. You can find both traditional as well as modern markets where you can find almost everything. Though some people feel that it is not as versatile and cheap as New York or Paris, people from Europe and Asia find it quite attractive. A few malls are really huge and you get amazed with the shopping choices.

Dubai, the shopping paradise

Rugs and carpets, antique items and gold, souvenirs and precious stones, electronic goods and music systems, apparels and tapestry; all are just incredible at Dubai. Arabic art and sculpture are famous worldwide. You can buy beautiful pottery, vases, porcelain goods and other artistic stuff with excellent quality and workmanship. The city has recognition for Gold. Transaction worth billions of dollars takes place in the famous Dubai gold festival every year. Electronic goods are the next preferred choice for shopping. Apart from gold jewelry, you can purchase authentic gold bars and biscuits with valid bills and custom receipt. You need to keep one day for shopping in Dubai. Firstly, there are various choices for shopping. Secondly, some of them are quite far off and you need some time to travel there. Traditional souk markets take a lot of time and energy because you have to browse through the shops and bargain a lot. A few hotels have traditional souk located in the premises. If you stay in the same hotel, then it is quite convenient.

Dubai festival, the shopping bonanza

If you are travelling Dubai during January-February, then it is a golden chance to see the world famous Dubai Festival. It is a shopping carnival that runs almost for a month and one of the longest running fiestas for exciting shopping opportunities. It has seen a drastic transformation in last few years. Shops and malls prepare for it and immediately after the New Year bash you see advertisements and discount sale with reference to this festival.

During summers, a huge crowd from Middle East and Asian countries visits Dubai. Since there are vacations in most of the schools and a windfall in the European countries; many people come to Dubai for availing off-season discounts. It is a brilliant chance of making profits for local traders because business goes down due to hot weather. Enjoy a great shopping tour and takeaway a variety of items!

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