Sharjah is located just 20 kilometers away from the city of Dubai. It has been honored by UNESCO with the award of ‘The Cultural City of the Arab World’ in 1998. The place has got acclaim from tourists across the globe and today it is one of the preferred places after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ajman is another neighboring city, usually clubbed with Sharjah for a one or two day’s tour. It is a phenomenal experience visiting the twin cities and there are various tour operators who offer tour packages with a variety of options. Tours start at 830AM local time from Dubai. It takes 4 hours to 8 hours depending on what places you visit and how much time you spend at each place?

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Top three places to visit

Souq Al Arsah:

On the famous Ajman-Sharjah Corniche Road, you find the oldest marketplace of the UAE. This place was the heart of the city once upon a time. There are various shops selling ethnic jewelry, herbs, baskets and caps, handicrafts and many other items. Though it is a traditional marketplace, the shops are air-conditioned and modernized. You can buy a few items, but do not forget to negotiate because it is an old-fashioned market.

Al Hisn Fort:

It is the former residence of the royal family of Sharjah. It is a huge building with an impressive courtyard and towering walls surrounding the structure. The fort offers valuable information about the glorious history of the Emirates pre and post oil exploration era. The fort is one of the best places of Sharjah.

Blou Souq:

This is another famous marketplace of Sharjah. This is more colorful, vibrant and crowded than Souq Al Arsah. Here you need to do a lot of bargaining to make the deal profitable. This is a multi-purpose market where you can find anything from precious metals like Gold and silver to stones and from carpets and rugs to clothes.

Sharjah and Ajman are two special cities with a special flavor of Emirates. Other than the top three places, King Faisal Mosque, Altahad Monument, Natural History museum and Archeological museum are other important places to visit. Rush back to Dubai with wonderful memories of places seen in the twin cities. The road is quite picturesque and photogenic. Keep a day reserved for the twin cities and it is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed at all.