Crossing the sandy terrains of the rough and tough desert on a quad bike could be the most exciting experience of life. It triggers the flow of adrenaline to the maximum levels and you feel like floating in the air. Moreover, quad biking is much less risky than motor bikes because you don’t have to bother about maintaining balance in the sand. There are lesser chances of falling down. Desert safari is thrilling, check now!

There are many of tour operators that offer Quad bike tours from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is quite convenient to hire them because you will be picked up from the hotel in the morning. Tour starts at 9AM local time and you have to be quite punctual because delays disturb the tour completely. If you are a late riser, then book an evening tour which starts at 4PM local time. It is possible to book them online and mention the pick-up point. Red dunes (The Big Red) are just perfect for Quad biking. The exotic red color comes from very high percentage of iron oxide. It takes hardly 30 minutes to reach this gigantic high dune with a height of 300 feet. You will reach there in half an hour. After a briefing session about the safety instructions and ‘To Do’ and ‘Not to Do’ things of off-road driving, you get control of a fully automatic vehicle. The enthralling experience on the slopes and steeps of the dunes can’t be explained in words.

Are they dangerous?

In fact, dangers associated with these four-wheel vehicles are almost zero. In spite of the ridiculously fast speed, they are stable and safe. There have been hardly any mishaps reported so far in the exotic sand dunes of Mount Hatta and Al Ain where these expeditions are most prevalent. There are various vendors who offer bikes on rent. Beware that you have to be skeptical and good at bargaining before making the deal final. The rule of thumb is, do not accept the price offered to you. Offer exactly half of whatever has been told to you. In the majority of attempts, you will be able to bag the deal. Experts suggest that crossing the dunes sideways makes the ride further safe. Don’t forget to wear helmets, goggles to minimize the damage from sand. Also, keep a safe distance of 20 meters (at least) from the fellow bikers to keep yourself safe. Quad biking has become incredibly popular recently. Enjoy the unlimited fun in the sand on these incredible vehicles!