Want to have an off-road fun in a totally relaxing and tranquil tour? Book a Hummer Safari and roam around in the largest desert of the world in a comfy way. Exciting tours start midst Dubai and take you to the mesmerizing terrains of golden sand. A rare world of picturesque sceneries and humongous sand dunes bring an out-of-the-world experience that you relish forever in the memories. Travel in the dream car Hummer and feel the outstanding strength and unmatched vigor of this great vehicle. Daily tours are being offered by numerous operators with almost matching prices. They pick up from respective hotels or designated pickup points as requested by the guests. Adventurous desert safari is one of the most demanding tour for the travelers; know more.

Hummer Desert Safari - Evening

Cost : 01 - 04 persons AED 2200, 05 - 06 Persons AED 2500
(Maximum 6 persons in a car, Subject to availablity)

Hummer Desert Safari Overnight

Price: AED 2700 (01-04 Persons) -5 - 06 persons AED 3100
(Maximum 6 persons in a car, Subject to availablity)

Hummer desert safari Morning

Price: AED 1500 (01-04 Persons) -5 - 06 persons AED 1900
(Maximum 6 persons in a car, Subject to availablity)


An evening in the Abu Dhabi Desert, the best Hummer Safari experience
Have you ever heard about Hummer? Yes, it is one of the most lovable vehicles in the world. How about the idea of going to a luxurious Evening Desert Safari Tour from Abu Dhabi, in a privately owned Hummer? Seems to be incredibly exciting, isn’t it? Yes, you can enjoy this overwhelming experience by paying mere 2200 AED for the group of four. If you are six, then it is further reasonable. You are required to pay 2500 AED. 
Be ready for the fun-packed experience
It will take around an hour to reach the desert camping site. The road journey is incredibly smooth and safe. Travelling in a luxurious Hummer is an out-of-the-world experience.  The driver is familiar with the conditions and roads. You leave the highway and enter the Arabic Desert Al Khatim.
The vehicle stops at the site where you see the first glimpse of huge sand dunes. You have 40 to 45 minutes for enjoying breathtaking dune bashing activity.  Those who aren’t comfortable with it can stay in the vehicle.
Bedouin camps are ready for your arrival
You reach the camping site at the time of sunset. You will be welcomed with warm hospitality and chilled mineral water. You get refreshed with the cup of tea or coffee and it is the time to see a spectacular sunset.  Come back to the tent. Now it is the time to see the shades of Arabic culture in the form of dance, music, food and other traditions. Get some beautiful Henna tattoos or Henna painting on the body. It is temporary, so you need not worry. Spectacular performance by Belly Dancers and Yola Dancers will keep you engaged. A delicious BBQ dinner serves some of the special Arabic delicacies.
If you are a smoker, then don’t miss Shisha (the traditional Arabic smoke pipe) after the dinner.  If it is a starry night, then the lights will be off for a few minutes, and you will be left under the dome of twinkling stars and pin-drop silence. It is the highlight moment of the evening desert safari trip.
The vehicles are ready to start. You come back to the hotel around 10 PM with loads of snaps and memories. Hummer Evening Safari is a “must have” experience when you are on the trip of Abu Dhabi.
Morning Safari and Dune Bashing Safaris are quickies
Hummer Safaris bring a chance to feel the ancient Arabic lifestyle closely. You stay in Bedouin tents and ride on camels. Sip hot Arabic Coffee and taste the authentic BBQ. Morning Safari tours and Dune Bashing tours are the short and crisp safari experience. However, if you are really short of time, then it is the best option for you. At least, you can see the glimpse of it.
Dune Bashing Safari is an adventurous tour where you enjoy ups and downs on the gigantic dunes. Get refreshed with chilled water and cold drinks.
Hummer Safaris offer a mind-boggling experience to those who want to a luxurious tour!


The journey

Hummer desert safari is the ultimate desert experience full of thrill. Discover the fantastic workmanships and top-notch off-road experience in the world’s most admired 4-wheel drive car. Rush to the eye-catching sand dunes via equally fascinating road. As you cross the concrete road and start bumping on the sandy pathway, now it is time to stop for another thrilling experience. Car stops at the best stop where you can witness the most spectacular sunset you have ever seen. Capture the golden moments in the movie or still cameras. Get refreshed with chilled water and soft drinks and move ahead to the gigantic dunes. Stop for a while and spend a few minutes at the camel farm. This magnificent animal is lifeline of the desert. Learn about different breeds of camels, their lifecycle, and the way they get trained for the tough desert life.

The camping

Now it is the time to explore the last and the best part of it. Enjoy the ups and downs of exciting sand dunes. Some of the slopes and steeps are simply awesome. Though you don’t feel jerks due to heavy-duty suspensions and superb seating of Hummer. After a thrilling ride, drivers take the guests to nicely decorated camps in the authentic Bedouin style. Traditional tents, soft Arabic carpets, low seating and neatly arranged cushions create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

The desert camp is a real Arabic experience. You have expert henna tattoo artists to adorn hands and legs with exotic designs and patterns. Feel the thrill of Sheesha, which is an Arabic smoke pipe. Smoke comes through flavored water in the container and it is said that harmful toxins get absorbed in it. Beautiful Arabic dancers perform a traditional dance with enchanting tunes. Tasty BBQ snacks and starters get served during the performances and you can have Arabic coffee and dates that are the delicacies of the country.