When in Dubai, you can maximize the fun element in every moment, if you plan your itinerary wisely. Owing to the fact that there is a lot already promised and upstaged here, you precisely get what you want, whether it is entertainment, artwork, culture, history, aquatic fun or adventure. The Middle East destination has crossed boundaries in terms of all such aspects and it is growing. Together with the internationally acclaimed facilities, every world tourist can feel elated and rest assured to provide their families a memorable time. Also, check out the desert safari in Abu Dhabi route map here.

Particularly if you are an adventure lover and love to challenge your senses on diverse tides, Dubai is a lot promising place for you. Your visit here can help you experience the rarest of rare Hot Air Ballooning. Witnessing the desert up close on safari is awesome but then it is far different to view it from an elevation. Hot Air Ballooning makes this possible for you as you sail in the air gently, many feet over the ground, and get an outstanding view of the dunes and awesome landscapes. You may be stunned with the vastness of dunes here.

As you take off from Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for the Hot Air Ballooning flight, you first witness Burj Khalifa which is very close to the reserve is located in the centre of Dubai. Then your eye catches hold of the Hajar Mountains which give you the feel of a big landscape and then get into the sky for some moments. Your handshake with the ballooning adventure is obviously fated; so hope that the weather favours you here and, therefore, you must have made prior booking to enjoy the flight. Also, you need to manage your schedule to match up with the apt time to take the Hot Air Ballooning flight. It is usually best early in the morning.

You spend close to sixty minutes in the air, but you need to plan months ahead. Better idea is to ask your travel agent in Dubai to book the slots at a convenient date according to your itinerary. They will happily do it as also will arrange pickup and drop to the hotel. Your Hot Air Ballooning flight package already includes drinking water, fresh juices and cold drinks after you have landed back. Best is – a flight certificate too is scheduled. Being an adventure lover, you just cannot miss this outstanding flight in the Middle East