Dune buggy is for those who love thrill and fun. Riding on a vehicle driven by a roaring 1500cc engine on the tough and rough sand terrain is an unbelievable experience. Let the adrenaline get pumped through each part of the body with the maximum thrust as you drive it without any assistance. Don’t worry, even of the ride is so thrilling, it is absolutely safe. Moreover, you will go through a training session on safety rules just prior to the ride. You need to just remember those guidelines and drive accordingly. Grand sand dunes of Dubai desert give an incredible experience of bouncing in the sand on a Dune Buggy.

Better than Quad bikes

While many adventure seekers love Quad bikes for power and speed, Dune buggies are more stable and reliable. They are fully covered and there are bucket seats and safety harnesses to keep the riders safe in case of an unforeseen event. You cover more than 10 kilometers in a convoy. Specialist vehicles escort your group and provide adequate support as and when required. Crew members carry drinking water, snacks; tools, and medicines with them. Safety goggles and helmets are provided by the operators and they are specially designed for the desert. Dune buggy ride is not for people below 16 years of age. Those who suffer from neck problems, vertigo or motion sickness must avoid it. Remember, it is a guided tour and you have to follow the instructions. There is a risk of missing the track if you do not follow the convoy.

Half day tour

It starts typically at 3.30PM local time. Vehicles pick up the guests from Dubai and rush to the red sand dunes. After a brief session for security instructions, convoy departs. After an exciting trip in the sandy roads, you stop for a while at the sunset point. After a mesmerizing sunset, you move to the base camping sites. Those who haven’t booked the overnight stay start for the journey towards Dubai. Those who wish to spend the night in the ultimate silence of Arabic desert relax in the allotted tent. It is a night fun, entertainment, dance, music and a lot of food. Dune buggy ride is part of every desert safari package. Most tour operators offer safe and comfy ride. Package prices vary depending on the time, distance and facilities opted for. However, each option is thrilling and enchanting.