If you are looking to experience the mystique of the UAE's wondrous desert landscape then you need to attend a desert safari in Dubai. Our safari packages are sure to delight and create some truly unforgettable memories of your time exploring the dunes. With relaxing camel rides as well as exhilarating dune bashing in SUVs – you are guaranteed a delightful time in the sands. Our packages are available as either morning, evening or overnight stays to ensure you receive the right option for your budget and time allowance.

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People may think that Dubai is an ultra-modern city where technological excellence and modern lifestyle prevail. However, there is another facet of this unique city where you get exposed to Sahara desert, the largest in the world. Desert safari tours take the tourists away from the noisy and busy routine to calm and serene land of the sand.
It is not very far off from the central Dubai and you reach a new world just within an hour. Ride on fantastic vehicles with a powerful 4-wheel drive and bump and bash to the sand dunes. The drive is quite exhilarating due to sharp twists and turns. Ups and downs of sand dunes give a feeling of a ride on an unending rollercoaster. Also, look for Abu Dhabi desert safari here.

Wildlife in the sand

Dubai desert safari opens an unexplored facet of the Sahara desert. There are many migratory birds and indigenous species can be seen in the widespread sand. Arabian oryx and gazelles are the most prominent ones. There are special feeding points and artificial water pools where several animals can be seen.

Package offers

Many tour operators offer specialized packages that can be chosen if you have an inclination to it. For example, ‘Activity Package’ offers a range of exciting activities like wildlife drive, camel riding, Falcon show, Dune Bashing, etc. A Spa package includes a special session in any of the exotic spas with special Arabian exotic treatments. Desert hot stone massage, sun soother, Arabic facial and various other treatments make the skin glowing and smooth. If you include a pool package to it, then you can enjoy a series of sauna bath, cold pools, steam room, and Jacuzzi facilities. It all depends on your choice and liking. Desert safari at Dubai is an exclusive experience in the far-stretched Sahara desert.

Hot air balloon

Those who want to try something more adventures have an opportunity of flying high in a hot air balloon. This activity is worth doing once again even if you have done it earlier. The spectacular view of apricot colored sand dunes from high altitude is an unforgettable experience. The view is superbly magnificent when the sun rises. Cool breeze and fresh air make the mood happy and cheerful. Hot air balloons in Dubai are highly safe and comfy.

Visit a desert safari without fail and have a glimpse of Bedouin life in the ancient times. Modern safari tours offer all comforts and luxuries, but you can feel the hardships of yesterday