Dining at Burj Al Arab is the paramount dream of travelers. This fantastic hotel tries to cater everybody’s needs by offering a wide variety of restaurants and cafeterias. From delicate culinary delights to quick and tasty fast food, everything is served there. However, one must explore it in for searching the perfect place that matches the taste preference, food choice and budget constraints. Desert safari is here - check now.

Sushi and Sashimi at Jinsui

With a fleet of more than 60 restaurants, Burj Al Arab brings incomparable versatility. Buffet dinners here serve the best Sushi and Sashimi you have tested ever. Prepared right in front of diners, it is just perfect of fish and rice. If you are one of those diet maniacs who carry calorie-counter everywhere, then also there is something to be happy about. Select from the huge piles of salads or compose your own salad by mixing and matching different combinations.

For soup lovers, it is a paradise. Served in authentic stone pots, the best Asian soups from Korea and Japan make you absolutely crazy. Enjoy mind-blowing taste and admire the medical benefits of famous Shitake mushrooms. Noodles soup, wonton soup, and customizable Tom Yam soup of Thailand capable of satisfying with superb aroma and mouthwatering taste. Chefs join you to understand your view about the taste, appearance and presentation.

Food is prepared in small portions on a la carte basis and no boring steamer trays with piles of readymade foodstuff. Order the food of choice at live stations and enjoy the fresh and crispy taste. Vegetarians and seafood lovers have happy hours of dining with Indonesian cuisine.

High Table Dinner, a lifetime gourmet experience

Burj Al Arab presented an unbelievable dining experience in the month of March 2014 during Dubai Food Festival. The dining place accommodated 12 guests atop the helipad (200 meters above the Arabian Gulf). Exclusive dishes were prepared by the team of Executive chefs for a seven-course exotic menu conceived especially for this moment. 360-degree panoramic view of the World Island, Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai enchanted the guests. It was an awesome moment to have dishes made with superb precision. Various offers, discounts and food festivals are always running in some or the other place. You need to look at the advertizing campaigns in the premises. Outstanding taste and mesmerizing surroundings multiply the thrill of dining at Burj Al Arab, the superbly luxurious place in the world.