There are difference of opinion about comfort and convenience of enjoying the best places in the city. Some people find rented car the best option while some prefer travelling in the public conveyance. Some prefer guided tours while for a few it is more exciting to explore the city without any help or guidance. Big bus tour is a fantastic way of exploring Dubai, the city of wonders. Since there are a large number of places to explore, bus tour is quite well-situated. Especially when you are coming to Dubai for the first time, it is the best way to explore the city. Check the thrilling 4x4 desert safari packages now!

Why is it so convenient?

First of all, it covers all major landmarks and places of common interests. Secondly, it is a guided tour where important information is conveyed in an interesting (and humorous) manner. It is a concise and condensed tour, ideal when you are short of time. Big Bus tours are available for excursions also, but they are more liked for city tours. Feel the vibrant and colorful city that blends the best of the East and the West. Sea, historical and modern masterpieces of architecture, fun and shopping, everything is there in the open roof double-decker bus ride. Those who don’t want to get exposed to the Middle East sun can opt for closed ground floor deck. City tours cover historical places, great buildings, busy streets and the Dubai Museum. It also covers Creek Park, Dubai Heritage Village, and the Spice Market. Beach tours cover Jumeirah beach and the surrounding places, shopping malls, hotels, and houses. Both tours cover spectacular places with two different perspectives. While City tour highlights the cultural and ethnic facet, the beach tour underlines the modernization and technological advancement.

The tour

When you book the tickets, they are valid for one day or two days depending on your preference. You can hop on or hop off the bus, as per your choice. There are two separate routes and two timings, tours in the daytime and nighttime. The commentary is available in various languages including English. You need to give your order of preference.

City tour covers almost 12 to 14 kilometers and the beach tour goes through the route of more than 25 kilometers. You can’t have any other medium more efficient and effective than the bus tours. Pick-up and drop point is at convenient location. Carry sunscreen lotions, caps, and enough water if you want to enjoy the ride on the rooftop.